Flic RTLF007 Wireless Smart button - White

Flic Part number: 154514
Manufacturer product ID: RTLF007
UPC Code: UPC106388085711
Box quantity: 14*
Sub-category: Bluetooth
Manufacturer: Flic
Interface: Bluetooth
Weight (Kg): 0.05
Warranty period: 12 Months
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Flic is the remote control in your home, car or anywhere

Key Features
  • Connect many Flics to one device
  • Connects to your device via Bluetooth Low-Energy
  • Works up to 50m / 150feet away from your device
  • Splash Proof. Recommended: - 20° C to +54° C.
  • Battery life up to 18 months. Replaceable coin battery CR2016.

Over 40 Apps and Features

Snap a photo, play music, send a message. pick up an incoming call, control your smart lights, and much more - with the push of a button.

One Button: 3 Commands

Flic gives you control of your apps and features with 3 different commands: Single Click, Double Click or Holding down the button.

3 Step Setup

1. Download the Flic app to your device.
2. Connect your Flic to the app using Bluetooth.
3. Set up your commands for your different apps and features.

Works on Android & iOS
-- Compatible with: Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+

  • Control Your Lights - Flic integrates with Hue, LIFX and much more
  • Play Music - Play your favorite playlist in the morning with our music integrations.
  • Take Picture - Put your phone down and be part of the picture. Flic integrates with the camera
  • Timer - It's a pain to time yourself during a workout, use Flic to turn your timer on and off.
  • Share your Location - Let your friends know here you are and your ETA (note to self: stop being late)
  • Snooze Button - Hit the snooze button without pulling out your phone. Those extra seconds will help.
  • Navigate - Flic can let your phone direct you to your home safely
  • Let Somone in - Someone at the door. Flic integrates with smart locks to unlock the door.
  • Make a fake call - On a tinder date? Have your phone right on demand so you can dine and dash.
  • Find your phone - Misplaced your phone, never again! Make your phone ring on demand with Flic.
  • Set the right mood - Dim the lights, raise the room temperature and turn on your romantic playlist.
  • Call your favorites - Make it easy for Grandpa to give you a ring. This is the new version of speed-dial.
  • Message - Let your loved ones know you're thinking of them


Flic is the elegant and efficient wireless smart button that creates shortcuts to your favourite actions on your phone. It helps you take on everyday tasks with convenience and efficiency with the simple push of a button. Flic will help you find your phone, locate your loved ones, play your music, adjust your lights and so much more! Flic will be your assistant through it all, and help you get through the day with ease. It is smooth to the touch with its colourful silicon exterior and it connects effortlessly over Bluetooth Low Energy. It’s as simple as downloading the Flic app, connecting your Flic button to the app and you’re ready to program your favourite actions!

*Box quantity refers to the number of units contained in this product's outer packaging. It does not refer to the number of products purchased for the quoted unit price unless otherwise stated.

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