The Philosophy

The Decoded Philosophy is to create edgy designs for people with attitude and style. We challenge ourselves every day to design the best lifestyle accessories for mobile devices. We travel all over the world to find the best materials and are continuously exploring how to improve the functionality of our products. By paying attention to every detail we aim to create the perfect balance between style and functionality. All our products are made with passion, products we would buy ourselves and most important make us proud!

The Company

Decoded was founded in 2009; that year our first ideas to create distinguishing products came to life. Introducing better solutions to store our beloved electronic devices in a fashionable way. Made for people who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Decoded started to fulfill the need for fashionable products where functionality was integrated into every detail and became a leading company for high quality lifestyle accessories.

The Product

Our goal is to create the most fashionable combinations of materials and offer the perfect balance between style and functionality. Specialized in high-quality leather each Decoded product is a unique piece by itself and in course of time will even become more beautiful. Designed in The Netherlands, with influences from all over the world, Decoded designs and manufactures great products. Decoded, designed to distinguish.

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