EcoFlow PowerOcean

EcoFlow PowerOcean Batteries

CATL LFP Batteries


EcoFlow have collaborated with CATL, one of the world’s leading battery cell manufacturers to create the EcoFlow PowerOcean 5kWh LFP Battery.

The batteries are modular, expandable up to 15kWh on DC Fit and 45kWh on PowerOcean three-phase.

Enhanced Safety

  • Parallel-connected batteries, with integrated BMS and power converter
    • Malfunction of one battery doesn’t affect the others
    • TI automotive-grade BMS chip is integrated into every battery pack
    • Cloud BMS supported: cloud computing is used to smartly prevent risks and improve performance
  • Active aerosol fire protection
    • Each battery has an aerosol fire extinguisher to detect battery temperature
    • Immediately activated when it’s over 270°C
  • Weather Proof
    • Each pack is equipped with auto-heating modules to work smoothly during winter
    • The entire system is IP65 rated

EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Kit

Retrofit bettery solution


EcoFlow have announced the PowerOcean DC Fit solution for homeowners with existing solar systems.

The EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit is an easy and cost-effective retrofit battery storage solution for home solar systems based on EcoFlow’s unique PV-coupling technology.

Key Features

  • Connect the battery directly to the solar array
  • No need to change AC wires or inverters
  • No DNO on-grid permit is required
  • Modular solution with 5kWh batteries expandable up to 15kWh
  • Wide compatibility with most PV inverters
  • All-in-one minimalist design

EcoFlow PowerOcean

Single-phase and three-phase solutions


EcoFlow PowerOcean is a premium, modular residential home solar battery system, designed for PV new-build house owners who are looking for a smart and flexible power independence solution.

Available in single-phase and three-phase variants, you can begin your power self-sufficiency journey starting from 5kWh, and expand at your will at all times up to an astounding 45kWh.

All EcoFlow PowerOcean kits feature advanced LFP batteries with CATL-manufactured cells. The batteries have a 15 year warranty and PowerOcean offers enhanced safety and outstanding battery performance.

With up to 10kW backup output, you will be prepared in case of any grid outage.

EcoFlow Power Kits 

Off-grid power for your home away from home


EcoFlow Power Kits are the world's first compact modular power solutions for tiny homes and RVs. With a plug-and-play design, customising your energy is quicker and easier than ever.

Introducing EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit


An easy and cost-effective retrofit battery storage solution for home solar system based on EcoFlow's unique PV coupling technology.

  • Directly connecting with the solar system
  • No need to change AC wires
  • No on-grid permit is required
  • 5kWh for each battery pack, expanded to up to 45kWh
  • Wide compatibility with any PV inverters 
  • All-in-one minimalist design

Industry-leading battery performance


  • 15 year warrenty LFP battery
  • 6,000+ life cycles
  • 5kWh modular battery packs expadable up to 45kWh
  • IP65 rated

Enhanced Safety & Reliability 


Parallel connection avoids mutual influence of batterie. Malfunction of one battery doesn't affect the others.

Aerosol fire extinguisher in every pack to detect battery temperature, immediately activated when it's over 270

Cloud BMS supported: cloud computing to smartly monitor and prevent risks and improve performance.

Auto-heating module automatically activate during cold weather conditions to ensure battery functioning under - 20℃.

Smart EMS visualised on EcoFlow Apps 

EcoFlow App for users: monitor and manage home energy solution in real time, to optimize the generation, consumption, and storage of both solar and grid power to achieve self-sufficiency. 

EcoFlow Pro App for installers: quick commissioning, system monitoring, remote control and troubleshooting during the process of installation.

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