With our lightweight and compact tripods, dollies, gimbals, and mounts, iStabilizer helps amateurs and professionals alike turn ordinary camera work into extraordinary works of art. iStabilizer’s team of highly-motivated, creative individuals are committed to providing the highest level of product performance and service for many years to come.

How it all started:

"When the iPhone 3GS came out, I got rid of my camera and my camcorder and decided I would do everything with my new smartphone. I was disappointed with the quality of the video footage I was getting from my phone but I was optimistic that the camera would continue to improve over the years. I was at the park playing with my son and trying to get some video footage of him playing so I could send it to my family in AZ and that's when I hit with the idea of making a tripod adapter to be able to mount my phone to a standard tripod. At the time there were very few options to be able to do what I was trying to do and they all required me to give up the case I was using and use a proprietary case instead. I knew there was a better way, so I designed a universal tripod adapter. My goal was to create a product that would continue to work with future phone upgrades and with any case you choose. That's how the iStabilizer brand and product line was born."

- Noah Rasheta, CEO iStabilizer.

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