Smappee develops innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. We offer people user-friendly, affordable and efficient ways to use less energy without sacrificing comfort. Under the slogan “Let’s win”, Smappee takes care that both the consumer and the environment win.

Smappee is not only the name of the product, but also of the underlying company. It was founded in 2012 by Stefan Grosjean, an expert in the field of energy management. Previously he founded Energy ICT, which he built up into a world leader in the field of energy management solutions for industrial and commercial companies, government authorities and energy providers. Smappee represents his desire to apply his experience to the benefit consumers as well.

Smappee received the Henry van de Velde Label 2014 for the qualitative design of the product and app and was named "Deloitte Rising Star 2014 'for innovation and market potential of the company.

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