Mobile Pixels

Exclusive to CMS Store, Mobile Pixels offer a range of both stacked desktop monitors and laptop screen extenders compatible with any laptops. The concept behind Mobile Pixels was born after co-founder Jack Yao, found himself in need of a larger laptop display while working in a coworking space. It was this that inspired him to create a range of laptop  monitors that could attach to any laptop and transform it into a multi-screen device, aiding overall productivity levels.

From here, the range of Mobile Pixels monitors grew and opened up a new way for people to work with increased efficiency and freedom from wherever their work took them and later for a wide variety of use cases – working, teaching, conferencing, gaming and education to name a few!

Winning an Edison award for Best Product in 2019 and featuring in Time Magazine’s 2022 Best Inventions, Mobile Pixels’ product range has developed into an ideal choice for both desktop and laptop extended monitors.

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