5dB High-Gain Wi-Fi Dual-Band Aerials (One Pair, white)

Omnidirectional. 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz bands. Supplied two in a pack.
  • High-Gain Dual-Band Aerials
  • Set of 2 Antennas
  • Available in white or black
  • Can improve range and coverage of wireless signal
  • Suitable for all DrayTek routers & access Points

Wireless LAN Aerials For DrayTek Products

Vigor routers equipped with Wireless LAN facilities are supplied with the standard 2 or 3dBi gain aerials. A higher gain aerial provides a signal gain which can in many circumstances improve your wireless coverage/range as well as your connection speed at longer ranges, particularly where your required coverage area is currently borderline and needs a 'little extra help'.

Uni(single)directional aerials are intended for application where you want the signal in one direction only, either for increased range or for security reasons. By concentrating an aerial in one direction, both transmission strength and receive sensitivity are improved as well as benefits in avoiding interference or traffic from adjacent networks in other directions.

Wireless antenna gain is a complex area and we'd recommend seeking out a specialist site for further details but put simply, aerials are designed in such a way that they can increase the signal strength and receive sensitivity by concentrating into a narrower focus/beam.

Model NameANT-1005ANT-1205ANT-2520ANT-BAS1
  DrayTek ANT-1005 High-Gain Aerial ANT-1205 DrayTek ANT-2520 10dBi High-Gain Unidirectional Dual-Band Aerial DrayTek ANT-BAS1
Gain 5dBi 5dBi 10dBi

Extension Base
(1M Cable)

Freq. Band 2.4Ghz 2.4/5Ghz 2.4/5Ghz
Beam Omni-Directional Omni-Directional Unidirectional
HPBW 360 ° Horizontal
40 ° Vertical
360 ° Horizontal
25 ° Vertical
70 ° / 60 ° (H/V @ 2.4Ghz)
60 ° / 30 ° (H/V @ 5Ghz)
Supplied As Set of 3 Set of 2 Singly
Location Indoor Indoor Indoor
EAN 0608603169546 White:
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The product ANT-BAS1 is a magnetic base extension which can be used with any of the aerials above, or with the original aerials. It enables you to position your aerials more optimally than on the back of the router - particularly important if you want to put your router in a rack. The ANT-BAS1 has a 1M cable and is suitable for indoor use only.

The diagrams below show what different angle 'funnels' look like. In reality, there is no sudden end to the signal, but a drop in strength as you move further away or away from the concentration zone.

Aerial Angles

An Omnidirectional angle transmits its beam in all horizontal or vertical directions equally (360 °). A directional (or 'unidirectional') aerial concentrates its beam in one direction, with a specific beam angle. By concentrating all of the signal in one direction, the signal and receive sensitivity is stronger. This is also ideal for short-range intra-building links using WDS. Note that the unidirectional aerials actually have a considerably narrower vertical beam, hence you actually don't want your PC/client to be too close and high or low to the aerial as otherwise you can actually 'miss' the signal area.


Important Note : Wireless performance always depends on your specific environment. Although the aerials provide higher gain, no guarantee can be made that in any specific circumstances they will improve your wireless performance. There are maximum permitted signal levels permitted in most countries, so you should also check any local legislation. In all cases, you should use identical aerials on your router (e.g. if it has two, they should both be the same type), and if three aerials, they should also all be the same. DrayTek do not recommended or support the use of 3rd party aerials/boosters. IP65 Outdoor Usage : The ANT-2510 model is IP65 rated (against showers and indirect jets). In order to meet this rating, when sited outdoor the SMA connector and plug must be adequately sealed with self-amalgamating tape, available in most DIY stores. Site the aerial under cover where possible. A lightning strike can cause irreparable damage to your aerials, router and any other connected equipment.

Antenna Type
Omni-directional antenna
Product Colour
19.8 cm
Networking Standards
IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11ax, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
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19.8 cm
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Product Name
5dB High-Gain Wi-Fi Dual-Band Aerials (One Pair, white)
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