DrayTek VigorAP 962C Wireless Access Point

VigorAP 962C Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 Ceiling AP with 2.5Gb PoE Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Ceiling-mount Mesh Wireless Access Point and Range Extender
  • AX3000 – 11ax Dual Band Wireless
  • WPA3 Security – Stronger Security with WPA3 Personal & Enterprise
  • Power through 802.3at PoE+ or DC Power Adapter
  • 2.5Gb Ethernet Uplink

Wi-Fi 6 - Fast & Efficient

962c top features

The DrayTek VigorAP 962C is a Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 access point with 2.5Gbps Ethernet capability. The latest wireless standard dramatically improves performance, handling efficiently multiple users and devices. The technology is partially based on LTE features used on mobile networks where many connections are managed by a single AP (mast).
This powerful access point can handle even more SSIDs. You can configure up to 8 for each wireless band (16 SSIDs in total).

With more available capacity being essential for the volume of data traffic generated by voice, video, and gaming applications, Wi-Fi 6 utilises the following key technologies:

Higher Capacity with OFDMA and Multi-User MIMO
Less Interference with BSS Colouring
Dual-Band Performance Boost with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi 6
Improved Security with WPA3
Better Battery Life on Mobile Devices with Target Wake Time

For more details about WiFi 6 visit our blog.

Higher Capacity with OFDMA and Multi-User MIMO

A key feature of Wi-Fi 6 is OFDMA, short for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. 4G networks and now Wi-Fi 6 use this to provide data to many users at once.

With previous Wi-Fi standards, wireless communication simply sent to one client, then moved on to send to the next. This becomes more inefficient as the number of clients connected increases, users wait longer for their turn, causing more packet loss, laggy video and buffering.

OFDMA splits up the channel bandwidth and uses complex scheduling in the background to determine which users need more resources at any one moment. Users watching videos would be allocated more, while a phone just checking email or on a voice call would be assigned less, just as much as each one requires.


Older Wi-Fi Standards

The result is that everyone receives data more regularly and with greater overall speeds, making each AP more able to service more clients, doing more.

In addition, 802.11ax makes improvements to Multi-User MIMO, where the previous standard only supported this for downstream, 802.11ax improves this to support both directions.

Less Interference with BSS Colouring

Managing interference with wireless networks is often difficult, whether conflicting with neighbouring networks or managing channel assignment for wireless networks spanning multiple APs; If another network is transmitting on the same channel, this will cause drops in performance for everyone, while clients and access points wait for the air to clear before sending.

Wi-Fi 6 introduces a feature called 'BSS Colouring', with BSS being the Basic Service Set, or Access Point. Each Wi-Fi 6 wireless network adds a unique identifier/number to its transmissions. Wi-Fi 6 clients can use this to determine whether transmissions are coming from their own network or another. If the detected transmission doesn't match the BSS Colour of the wireless network, the client can choose to ignore the transmission if it's far enough away.

The result is better performance and better handling of interference, where wireless channels are shared with other networks.

Dual-Band Performance Boost with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi 6

The 802.11ax standard brings performance improvements to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, giving better performance to both. The previous 802.11ac Wi-Fi 5 standard only brought its performance improvements to the larger 5GHz band.

This allows for better performance at range and through walls with 2.4GHz frequency, while still having all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 technology. Allowing the VigorAP and its clients to make full use of the bandwidth available.

VigorAP 962C - Dual Band Wi-Fi 6

Better Battery Life on Mobile Devices with Target Wake Time

With more and more connected devices, including IoT smart devices, many of which run on batteries, improving battery life is always a priority.


Target Wake Time allows client devices to extend their battery life, by staying in lower power states for longer. Only checking in with the wireless network when needed.

Instead of periodically contacting an access point to stay connected, Wi-Fi 6 client devices negotiate with the VigorAP access point, arranging when to start transmitting again to suit their requirements.

WPA3 Wireless Security & VLANs

The VigorAP 962C supports the latest WPA3 security standards and offers a multitude of network management features to allow implementation of complex wireless networks. Hotspot Web Portal is also available for Captive Portal and branding on hospitality Wi-Fi networks.

WPA3-Enterprise security offers greater 192-bit encryption strength for networks using RADIUS & 802.1x authentication. RADIUS authentication can be managed either with an external server or the VigorAP's built-in RADIUS server.

The VigorAP 962C supports up to 8 wireless networks per wireless band. Fully segmented from each other with 802.1q VLANs, guest network access is fully separated from internal company data.

Click here to learn more about WPA3 Wireless Security with DrayTek products.

Mesh Wireless

Mesh wireless enables wireless networks to provide fast connectivity to all clients without cabling between VigorAP access points. Simply set up a Mesh Root and add some Nodes with the DrayTek Wireless App and the DrayTek Mesh will determine the best path between access points to provide the best user experience.

The Mesh Root VigorAP links up to your existing Internet router, such as the DrayTek Vigor 2865ax. The self-healing Mesh allows VigorAPs to re-establish their links if one VigorAP in the chain if the signal is blocked to a Mesh Nodes usual uplink.

Your devices see a single Wi-Fi network (SSID) and connect to the nearest VigorAP in the Mesh. Internet connectivity relays through the Mesh, using the 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 radio to rapidly transfer your data through other VigorAPs in the Mesh.

Mesh - Auto-Optimising & Self-Healing

A DrayTek Mesh Wireless network can easily add new Mesh Nodes to expand. It self-organises links between up to 8 DrayTek VigorAP access points, ensuring the best coverage and performance.

If a Mesh Node's loses contact with its uplink, for instance if there's interference or the VigorAP it connects to is turned off, each Mesh Node VigorAP automatically re-connects to the next available point, resuming service with no manual intervention required.

Mesh Nodes further away will connect wirelessly to the nearest Mesh Node, with up to 3 wireless hops.

Alternatively, where a network connection is available for a VigorAP, join a Mesh Node to the network through Ethernet. Mesh Nodes nearby can join it instead of the Mesh Root, reducing wireless hops and improving overall performance.

Multi-SSID over Mesh

DrayTek's Mesh system supports 802.1q VLAN tagging for its multiple Wireless networks (or SSIDs), over both wireless and wired Mesh links between VigorAPs.

Each SSID provided by the Mesh network can have a VLAN tag assigned to it. VLAN tags are interpreted by the network's router and switch(es) to segregate one network from another. For instance keeping devices connecting to a guest network separate from resources on the private, internal network.

Setting up a Mesh network to work with VLANs only requires setting up the Mesh Root with the VLAN tags on its SSIDs. This change is synced to Mesh Nodes allowing Multi-SSID over Mesh to be used just like a cabled network of access points.

2.5 Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet

The VigorAP 962C is designed to suit any application, with higher throughput of up to 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet interface, and built-in PoE (Standard IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet) as standard, along with the option for powering via DC power supply. Connect the VigorAP to a PoE-enabled Ethernet switch or PoE injector to power it without local power to the unit (power supply) - the VigorAP 962C will take its power from the Ethernet cable.

PoE is ideal for office installations where Ethernet is available but power isn't. It also provides some great management features, the PoE Device Check feature of PoE VigorSwitch switches can monitor and alert if a PoE device stops responding, or providing its services.

In Mesh wireless networks, where PoE may not be possible, the VigorAP 962C can be powered via DC power supply, with its Ethernet port available for use as an uplink to the Mesh network.


PoE Power on DrayTek devices

Easy Setup with the DrayTek Wireless app

DrayTek Wireless app

DrayTek's Wireless app assists you with setting up VigorAP 962C access points and a Mesh Wireless network.

Once installed on your Smartphone or Tablet, use the Quick Start Wizard to set your VigorAPs to operate as a Mesh Wireless network. Set up a single VigorAP 962C as a stand-alone Access Point, or extend an existing wireless network as a Range Extender.


Simply scan the access point’s QR code to detect it, or manually input the VigorAPs default SSID & password, then configure your wireless network with step-by-step guidance.

When it’s all set up, view the Mesh Wireless status and connected wireless clients from the app.

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Ceiling or Wall Mounted

For a convenient and tidy installation, the VigorAP 962C is designed for installation on ceilings and walls, blending into its surroundings with a matte finish. It's ideal for providing wireless access to large rooms and public spaces.

For mounting on solid ceilings and walls, a circular mounting plate (included with the unit) is fitted and then the VigorAP 962C is secured into place by twisting the VigorAP into the mounting plate.

For suspended ceilings, additional mounts are included to attach to ceiling T-rails, clipping securely into place.

Cabling for the VigorAP can be discreetly run through the mounting plate or through a cable gap in the side. An included cover for this gap can be installed where cables are run through to the back of the access point.

AP & Repeater Modes

vigorap962C Range Extender

The VigorAP 962C is configurable to suit most networks, with AP and Range Extender modes. In addition to its Mesh capability, it's ideal as a stand-alone Access Point to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for routers and networks without wireless.

Use the VigorAP 962C as a Range Extender to connect to any existing wireless network and boost the signal, extending wireless coverage to areas that otherwise would have a patchy signal.

Cloud Management and More

DrayTek VigorAP wireless access points can be managed as stand-alone APs with their extensive web user interface.

To manage more than one access point, either for a single site or spanning multiple sites, DrayTek offer a multitude of options for managing VigorAP access points:

Cloud Management - VigorACS

DrayTek's VigorACS central management platform makes it possible to manage all DrayTek products from the Cloud or your own private server. DrayTek's access points, switches and routers can all be managed through the VigorACS management portal, with all of the menu options and features available, just as if they were being set up locally. Dashboard view gives a full overview of a VigorAP's status and usage.

VigorACS is great for managing VigorAPs spread across multiple sites, with AP profiles to configure wireless settings, passwords and VLANs. Apply AP profiles to reconfigure all APs on one site or multiple sites in minutes.

Ideal Application: Cloud Management and Multi-Site Management.

To learn more about DrayTek's VigorACS central management platform, click here.

Router-based Central Management

Managed VigorAP access points centrally through DrayTek Vigor router's web interface, to rapidly provision complex wireless configuration. Ideal for networks with 10 to 50 VigorAP access points, either on a single site or across multiple sites connected via VPN tunnel.

Provision selected groups to configure them all at once. Optional Auto Provisioning provisions VigorAPs straight out of the box with your Wireless configuration.

Ideal Application: Single-Site Management and Multi-Site Management via VPN. Up to 50 VigorAP, depending on router model.

VigorAP-based Central Management

New to the VigorAP 962C is the ability to manage all VigorAPs on one site as a group. Simply assign one VigorAP to work as the Root AP and discover other APs on the network to manage them as a group. Any changes made on the root VigorAP can be quickly provisioned to the rest of the group.

Ideal Application: Single-Site Management without DrayTek Vigor router. Up to 20 VigorAP.

AP Assisted Roaming

Large wireless networks spanning multiple access points may sometimes seem slow to users, because their device is clinging on to a far away access point. Even when a closer access point is available for their device to connect to, which can slow down overall performance for all users connected to that now distant AP.

DrayTek solve this issue with AP-Assisted Roaming, which requires no central controller to operate. With AP-Assisted Roaming, VigorAPs communicate with each other to determine which clients can get a better signal as those clients move around.

If a client moves into range of another VigorAP access point, that AP informs the now distant AP, which makes an informed decision to disconnect the remote 'sticky' client. Allowing the client to quickly re-associate with their nearest AP, giving the user stronger signal and better speeds.

Click here to learn more about AP Assisted Roaming.

Wireless Optimisation

DrayTek's VigorAP access points have many features designed to improve wireless performance on your network, to ensure that every wireless client gets the best possible experience. Learn More

Airtime Fairness

Aims to maximise the total wireless throughput by improving how time is shared between wireless clients to prevent slower clients from negatively affecting other users and to enable faster clients to obtain higher speeds that they're capable of.

Band Steering

Increases capacity for Vigor Access Points by directing wireless clients, that are capable of connecting to 5GHz wireless networks, to the wider 5GHz band. The aim is to more evenly distribute wireless clients between the AP's wireless radios.

Per-SSID Client Limit

Control the number of clients that can connect to any one SSID on the VigorAP along with limiting data rates, for instance limiting a guest network to 10 clients to avoid overloading or disrupting a more important internal network.

Station Control

Limit connection time for individual devices to the VigorAP. Set the limit from 30 minutes to multiple days, once the timer runs out that user is disconnected from the VigorAP and can't reconnect until the selected Reconnection time has passed. Users connecting to a hospitality Wi-Fi network could be limited to one hour of wireless access, at which point they can't reconnect until 2 hours have elapsed.

IGMP Snooping

IGMP Multicast traffic broadcasts can use significant amounts of a wireless access point's available throughput. IGMP snooping allows the VigorAP to determine which clients need to receive these IGMP packets on either the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Once enabled, the VigorAP will only send out IGMP packets to clients that have requested to receive it, leaving throughput available to serve more clients effectively.
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