MON-PRIVACY-SCREEN-K Display Privacy Filter Accessories

MON-PRIVACY-SCREEN-K Privacy Screen Adhesive Strips and Mounting Tabs - Universal Installation Kit for Laptop/Computer Monitor Anti Glare Privacy Filters, Replacement Strips/Holder Tabs. Product type: Installation kit. Width: 110 mm, Depth: 230 mm, Height: 2 mm. Master (outer) case length: 260 mm, Master (outer) case width: 360 mm, Master (outer) case height: 260 mm
  • PRIVACY SCREEN INSTALLATION KIT: Includes eight adhesive mounting tabs (2x Large / 6x Small), twelve adhesive strips (6x Large
  • / 6x Small), and a wiping cloth for cleaning monitors/bezels; Note: installation kit only, privacy filter not included
  • ADHESIVE STRIPS: Replacement kit includes twelve adhesive strips for semi-permanent installation of privacy filter on laptop or computer monitor; screen protector adhesive strips are easy to apply/remove without leaving behind any adhesive residue
  • MOUNTING TABS: Apply adhesive slide mount tabs to the monitor bezel to enable a choice between matte/glossy sides of the privacy screen, or equip additional monitors with tabs for a modular installation; includes two large and six small holder tabs
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: The installation kit is compatible with our line of privacy screens, including our PRIVSCNMON and PRIVACY-SCREEN series, as well as privacy filters from other brands; larger (32"+) or ultra-wide screens may require additional adhesive
Privacy Screen Installation Kit | 12x Adhesive Strips | 8x Slide Mounting TabsThe MON-PRIVACY-SCREEN-K is a kit for installing/replacing privacy filter hardware. This kit also enables the reuse of existing privacy filters, allowing you to use a privacy filter with multiple displays of the same size.Replace Lost or Damaged Mounting HardwareThe privacy screen installation kit includes an eight-piece adhesive bezel tab set (two large and six small), a twelve-piece adhesive strip set (six short and six long), and a wiping cloth. Use the mounting tabs for non-permanent installations, with the ability to quicky remove and reuse privacy screens for multiple monitors of the same size, or switch between matte and glossy sides of a privacy filter. The adhesive strips are for semi-permanent installations. The strips can be removed without leaving behind any adhesive residue.CompatibilityThe universal installation kit is compatible with's privacy filters, such as PRIVSCNMONxx, PRIVACY-SCREEN-xxM, and PRIVACY-SCREEN-xxMB, as well as third-party privacy filters. The installation kit can be used for monitors of up to 32 inches; larger displays may require additional kits.The MON-PRIVACY-SCREEN-K is TAA compliant and backed for 2-years by, including free lifetime 24/5 multi-lingual technical assistance.The Advantage
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