Founded in 1997, Apacer (TWSE:8271) is a leading global digital storage brand with comprehensive R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities. With years of accumulated patented digital storage technology and deep successful R&D experience, Apacer provides a competitive range of customized products and services. Their product lines are diversified, covering solutions for memory modules, industrial SSDs, consumer digital storage products and Internet of Things integrated applications.

Apacer is devoted to implementing our core value “Becoming Better Partners:” we deliver on our promises, strive for constant improvement, and develop solutions that are mutually beneficial for us and our customers. We continually create innovative, diversified storage solutions and hardware/software integration services for various industries. We endeavour to become a better partner in the industrial ecosystem and deliver substantial benefits to all stakeholders.

Apacer has a global presence, with headquarters in Taiwan and subsidiaries in USA, Netherlands, Japan, India and China (Shanghai and Shenzhen). The company has received numerous international awards such as iF award, Taiwan Excellence, d&i award and providing best solutions to meet various needs.

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